The Loss You Face…


***The above illustattion was done back in 2015 dealing with the loss of  friend due to being ill is never easy to deal with. This drawing is called, “Pulverized.”

Chronic illness is a punch in the gut. My chronic illness has made me different, I have lost my independence.

Not only can one loose their inpendenance, their ability to work and having a good quality of life. But one can also loose the friendship and relationships with those around them.

Sometimes the loss is of a long time friend, sometimes it’s a spouse and other times it’s a family member that chooses to cut ties.

I have experienced loss of friends but also gain of friends that understand what I am going through.

For years I have struggled to understand why friends, family and spouses choose to leave loved ones lives due to illness.  I believe I have finally figured out why.

Diseases of any sort remind us of our mortality. Death is oddly something many people think will not happen to them.  For some this helps them to live more in the moment. For others it is a reality of dying and getting sick themselves that they are unable to face.

“Memento Mori,” which translates to “remember you must die.” We all face death it is not something we can escape. I honestly believe that some people are scared of sick people for this reason.

It doesn’t matter who we are we can’t escape death.

Please remember that if someone has chosen to stop talking to you and has left your life, that it is not your fault. It truly has to do with them and how they perceive illness.

I to have suffered the loss of friends, I understand the sting of reality. I know it is not my fault. Please know if is not your fault either. This doesn’t make it less painful, it still hurts when long times friends leave our lives. I can only image the sting when it is a family member or spouse.

You are not alone on your journey, please remember that.

Thank you for your time.

I remain hopeful always,




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