The Brain Bleed


imageThe beginning of April 2016 was a beautiful month. My sister had just given birth to her second daughter. I got to hold her and have some baby snuggles. Even though I ended up dislocating my shoulder holding that five pound baby. It was worth it.

Mid April rolled around and my sister was able to go home from the hospital. I felt like I could finally catch up on some rest after the baby excitement.

Around 3:00am I awoke to a pinching pulling sensation in my face. The whole left side of my face began to droop and sag downwards. Fear poured over me as I told myself I was fine. Pain shot from chest into my arm that traveled down and felt as though it shot out of my hand. My face and arm went numb and I lost conciousness.

Upon waking the next morning around 9:00am my left arm was numb and I had severe chest pain. I asked my mom to take me to the hospital. I walked in and collapsed as soon as I entered the building.

My stay included a severe allergic reaction to CT contrast dye followed by loss of consciousness and vommiting. Due to the over active Mast Cells in my body I have a severe allergic reactions. All I knew was that I was in ER and woke up in an ICU Cardiac ward. I left the hospital more confused about my stay and what happened.

I would take two months to come to the conclusion I have a bleed in my brain and this is what caused my symptoms. This was diagnosed by a neurologist I saw. One that I saw in the same hospital I was admitted to through an out paitent program.

I returned to BC and received a letter from AB stating I had a MRI on the 18th of June at noon. However the letter was post marked for the 20th of June and I 24th of June. I called the doctors office back in Alberta, I received a call back stating that they would look into the issue and rebook my MRI. I explained I was in BC and asked if there was a way to have it done here.

A few days into some major head pains I decided it best to return to my old family doctor and ask him his opinion on the matter. He seemed rather shocked by what I had to say and asked me where the bleed was located. I honestly have know idea where to bleed is located. All I know is that I was told it wasn’t a big deal and the doctor that said this booked me an MRI for a few days later. Which I had no idea about.

Seeing my doctor and explaining the happenings in Alberta he said, “no one is to young for a stroke.” He also told me, “There are two kind of bleeds, one is localized. The other can cause an aneurysm. You may need to see a neurologist here. Please remember should you have more neurological issues you should go the ER immediately. If you experience an aneurysm it will feel as though you have been hit in the head with a baseball bat.”

The talk with the Doctor scared me. Deep down I always knew this was a possiblity. I seem to be flaring a lot at the moment and am really watching my stress levels.

The neurologist is AB wants me to have a follow up MRI in Septemeber.

Needless to say it has been a journey one that I am thankful for all the good and yes even the bad. For without the bad times I would not appreciate the good times.

I remain hopeful always.


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