The Bucket List Project; The Smash Cake

At the start of 2016 I decided to do my best to do the simple things in life that I wanted to do before my time was up. I created a modified bucket list for someone in my situation.

Many things on my list seem simple and trivial to those whom have all their health in tacked. For me simple things use up much of my energy supply.

Doing something simple like smashing a cake takes great deal of energy for me. Now this was something on my list.

I turned thirty in late 2015 and was unable to have a cake. Cake makes me sick, literally. Preservatives make me feel extremely ill so cake was off the table.

In 2016 I decided I would do a smash cake! On July 4th 2016 I did just that.

Bucket List checkmark please! I got to do a smash cake! Now why did I smash the cake. Well I can’t eat it. So I smashed it and I let my inner child come out to play.

Due to over active Mast Cells in my body I hive, rash and have various other not so fun reactions from eating cake. I figured I wouldn’t have a contact allergy to the cake. So I gave it go!

I had a blast and forever grateful that Donnie got me a cake to smash and let me make a huge mess.

My allergic down fall was in the massive smashing of the cake getting on my face. I gently placed my face slightly above the cake on the floor (to get the last photo), I am so proud of myself because I didn’t ingest any cake.

I learned that I can have a contact reaction from the cake. I got my reaction under control by dosing with my antihistamines. Thank God for antihistamines.

I’m thankful I didn’t have a full blown allergic reaction. The tightness of my throat subsided. Grateful for memories and my Bucket List.

Cake smashing is a simple thing for most, this was a challenge and an amazing experience. I am so happy I did. I have wanted to smash cake a long while now. Making a mess is much fun!




Low Histamine; Anna’s Boost Shake and Iron Boost Shake!

Looking for a healthy alternative to protein powders? It is as easy and one two three!

All the protein powders on the market are my enemy. I can’t have any of them due to additives, preservatives, rice, green tea, berries, soya, and the list goes on.

This is something I make when I am in a pinch, need a boost, or need to eat but my jaw has just dislocated.

Anna’s Boost Shake

One large beet peeled and cut into quarters

half of the zucchini peeled and cut into rings

1/3 cup broccoli

One cup mango juice

half cup almond milk (coconut milk can also be used)

pinch of salt

Chop vegetables in quarters or slices. Add vegetables mango juice and almond milk into a blender or A Neutra bullet.

Grind up in blender for a minute until liquified serve and drink.

Beans are high in iron. This shake is a go to iron staple for me. Iron tablets/liquids tend to make me feel not so good. I prefer natural sources.

Anna’s Iron Boost Shake

One large beat peeled and cut into quarters

1/2 to 1 clove garlic (optional)

1/2 cup cooked three bean mix black beans/chickpeas/navy beans (I cook all of my beans from scratch to avoid preservatives, and to get full nutrients and lower histamine).

One cup mango juice

half cup almond milk (coconut milk can also be used)

pinch of salt

Chop beet into. Add beet, garlic, beans, mango juice and almond milk into a blender or A Neutra bullet.

Grind up for a minute until liquified serve and drink.

Enjoy your iron boost! For me this helps me with that nauseous feeling and I’m able to get some good nutrients into my body.

Have a happy low histamine day!

Thank you for stopping by I remain hopeful always.

The Bucket List Project; Bruce The Spruce

I am happy to announce that a huge thing on my bucket list has been accomplished! I picked up a tree from my friend and was able to plant it. I am grateful to all that helped make this a reality.

Now looking at the comic it would appear as though I dug that hole. The truth of the matter is, I am far to weak to put a shovel into the ground. My younger brother was kind enough to dig the hole. I just took the credit for it.

I had decided since the tree was a spruce I would name it Bruce. It had a lovely ring to it. I originally wanted to do a “drive by sprucing,” but once my mom heard of this she, “the last thing we need right now is you being arrested for planting a tree illegally.” I thought to myself could I really be arrested for planting a Tree? It was decided I would plant the tree in my parents front yard.

I found it funny how people have commented to me that I look like I am doing great and just be feeling so much better to be planting a tree. I explained to people it is easy to put a smile on and pretend that your ok. I was extremely exhausted after this event and spent the rest of the day resting.

I picked up the tree a few days before I decided to plant it. On the day I planted the tree I did nothing else so I would be able to plant that tree.

I know I look like I am ok, truth is I am not ok. I do my best to save my energy for my bucket list things. The days after I accomplish one of my bucket list check marks, I spend most of the day licking my wounds. I deal with dislocated joints and limbs. I feel like I am “hung over,” from exerting myself.

I know my limits I do my best to stay within them. I may not be like everyone else, and I know I never will be. Taking simple steps for myself like planting Bruce the spruce, are rewarding for me. Even if it knocked me on my butt for the next few days after. It was worth it.



Bucket List; Low Histamine Bake


Ever since I learned I can not eat the things I love I have been trying to come up with different recipes. I want to enjoy food. Not just eat to survive.

I want to share my cooking and baking with the world. I was blessed with a gift. My mother cooks by literally throwing things together. I am blessed and grateful I got her gift of cooking and baking. Thank you mom. Without you I would be so bold in the kitchen.

Please note the recipes I will be sharing are ones that have worked for me. Take what you like and scarp the rest. Living with disease is frustrating enough and then having a extremely limited diet can bite the big one.

Diseases will not stop me from enjoying food. Everyone with mast cell diseases reacts to differently to different foods. Some of the foods we react to can be the same other are vastly different.

Apple Crisp Muffins

Two eggs

1/2 a teaspoon baking powder

1/2 a teaspoon cinnamon

2 cups of sugar

three large apples peeled and ground into sauce

1 tablespoon of oil

1/2 a cup of cream,

1 cup gluten free steel cut oats

3 cups flour

One cup ground almonds

Mix dry ingredients together and set aside. Beat eggs with sugar and oil. Grind apples with the cream, add all your wet ingredients together mix for 10 minutes then add dry ingredients.

Preheat oven to 375.

Oil and flour your 12 tin muffin pan. Cook for 40 minutes. Check to make sure it’s done with a tooth pick. If the tooth pick comes out clean it is done.

Let cool for 10 minutes before removing from the pan.

For tasty snacks cut in half and severe with mascarpone cheese.

Bucket List; Low Histamine Cook 4

image1/2 cup black beans dried

1/2 cup navy beans dried

1/2 cup pinto beans dried

Rinse your beans in cold water, pick out all the shrivelled beans. Soak your beans in 6 cups of cold salted water for 1 hour.

After your beans have soaked drain the soaked water, adding new fresh water to your beans for cooking. Put beans and 6 cups of fresh water into a medium pot. Bring beans to a boil, shut the stove top off and leave them in the hot water for an hour.

While your beans cook, boil 5 quarts of water. Make your soup base.

Next comes the soup base.

4 cups of water

1 large zucchini (or two smaller ones) cut into rings

3 sticks from a celery stock chopped

1/3 red onion

garlic (optional 4 cloves)

2 teaspoon dried organic basil

2 teaspoon dried organic oregano

1 bay leaf

pinch of salt

Once the beans have finished drain the water off them and add them to the soup stock.

Mince onion and garlic. Chop zucchini, and celery (depending on the size you like your veggies and spices. Keeping in mind larger pieces of vegetables will take longer to cook) Add all soup base ingredients to a large pot, add water, basil and bay leaf. Bring to a boil, turn down and let simmer until vegetables are tender.

I use local organic beef that is steroid and antibiotic free.

1 package of beef

1 tablespoon oil (I use extra virgin olive oil as it’s the only oil I do not react to)

Cook beef in a frying pan on medium heat until browned. Keep the soup base simmering until the meat is done.

Once browned strain off all the fat and add the into the soup. Add cooked beans to the mix. Let simmer on low for an additional 5-10 minutes.

Serve and enjoy. Put left overs in the freezer as soon as possible to stop the rise of histamine.

Thanks for stopping by!