The Bucket List Project; Bruce The Spruce

I am happy to announce that a huge thing on my bucket list has been accomplished! I picked up a tree from my friend and was able to plant it. I am grateful to all that helped make this a reality.

Now looking at the comic it would appear as though I dug that hole. The truth of the matter is, I am far to weak to put a shovel into the ground. My younger brother was kind enough to dig the hole. I just took the credit for it.

I had decided since the tree was a spruce I would name it Bruce. It had a lovely ring to it. I originally wanted to do a “drive by sprucing,” but once my mom heard of this she, “the last thing we need right now is you being arrested for planting a tree illegally.” I thought to myself could I really be arrested for planting a Tree? It was decided I would plant the tree in my parents front yard.

I found it funny how people have commented to me that I look like I am doing great and just be feeling so much better to be planting a tree. I explained to people it is easy to put a smile on and pretend that your ok. I was extremely exhausted after this event and spent the rest of the day resting.

I picked up the tree a few days before I decided to plant it. On the day I planted the tree I did nothing else so I would be able to plant that tree.

I know I look like I am ok, truth is I am not ok. I do my best to save my energy for my bucket list things. The days after I accomplish one of my bucket list check marks, I spend most of the day licking my wounds. I deal with dislocated joints and limbs. I feel like I am “hung over,” from exerting myself.

I know my limits I do my best to stay within them. I may not be like everyone else, and I know I never will be. Taking simple steps for myself like planting Bruce the spruce, are rewarding for me. Even if it knocked me on my butt for the next few days after. It was worth it.




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