Interview With Zoe

This is Zoe’s story. She bravely shares her journey living with Major Depressive Disorder and generalized Anxiety Disorder. ThIs is her story in her words  please be respectful.

Learn about major depressive disorder here

What is generalized anxiety disorder information is here


What is your name, age, and disease/invisible illness/mental health?
Zoë, 27, Major Depressive Disorder + Generalized Anxiety Disorder

When did life change for you?
I was diagnosed with MDD in 2013 after giving up and seeking medical assistance. My GAD diagnosis was in 2016. Going back to university exacerbated both of my illnesses to the point when I was unable to ignore them.

What was life like before diagnosis?
For the depression aspect, life felt hopeless, but when it came to my anxiety, I was unaware that how I felt was abnormal.

How has your diagnosis changed your life?
My diagnoses gave names to my struggles, which enabled me to seek and receive necessary help. I have also set up accommodations at the university should I ever need a safety net. My diagnoses have changed my life for the better.

Please describe the best you can a day in the life of you?
Oh my goodness. I tend to feel like a chicken with its head cut off. But that is because I’m a nursing student in an accelerated degree. I am either racing to campus or the hospital, or stationed at my desk. If I actually have time off, I am likely with my husband or my cousin, both of whom I am lucky to call best friend. Oh, or I’m snuggled up with my kitties 🐱

What was/is the most challenging thing you have faced because of your diagnosis?
Stigma…or triggers

Do you find that you can keep up with others?
It really depends on the day, but overall, yes, I do think I keep up alright

What would you tell others living with your diagnosis?
That it is possible to survive; that it gets better and our story is not over.

What would you like to tell others that don’t live with a similar diagnosis?
I think that a little bit of kindness and compassion goes such a long way. If someone isn’t fighting my fight, I just really appreciate love and understanding from them, especially when I am at a low point. My illnesses do not define me, but they do attempt to control me at times

What have you learnt on your journey?
That I am pretty damn strong

Is there anything you would like to add about your journey?
It’s not over yet 🙂
And I am so happy that I held on.

Thank you Zoe for sharing your story with me and the world. You are brave, and you are a blessing.

Hopeful always.

💗Anna Werrun


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