Interview With Nycci

This is my interview with Nycci as she shares her story living with Endometriosis, prolactinoma, arthritis, Raynaud’s, migraines, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and ADD. Please be respectful of Nycci and her story as it is told in her own words.

What is endometriosis

what is prolactinoma

Learn about Arthritis

Read about Raynaud’s






What is your name, age, and disease/diseases?

NycciHorrick, 30, Endometriosis, Prolactinoma, Arthritis, Raynaud’s, Migraines, Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety, ADD

When did life change for you? It has been a very slow and progressive change so I can’t pin point it to a specific time

What was life like before disease?

I really don’t remember. My symptoms from the prolactinoma started when I was about 12. My migraines started around that time too.

How has your disease changed your life?

It makes everyday a challenge in some way or another. Because I can’t really remember life before the diseases I can’t really say how it has changed my life because basically this is all I know.

Please describe the best you can a day in the life of you?

I wake up, exhausted feeling like I have not slept at all no matter how many hours I was asleep. I crack my knees, back and neck so they won’t seize during the day. Then I convince myself to get out of bed. One foot on the floor than the other. WIN! Step one done. Then I get dressed, get coffee and head off to work.

My husband is very sweet and he says very little to me until I have woken up enough to be capable of conversation. Then we are on our way to the bus, I try to convince myself that it won’t be that bad, some days I succeed, other days not so much. So I try to keep my anxiety in check. By this time I have been out of bed for less than an hour. Work is a challenge all of it’s own, but I figure out a way to get through.

I have all kinds of ergonomic accommodations, such as my chair, keyboard, mouse, monitors, desk and footrest. It helps make surviving the workday much easier. Then once work is over I need to get ready for another bus ride. Goody more stress. Once we get back to our car I start to relax and enjoy the drive home. Once we get home I need to figure out dinner, even though I am already exhausted. Ok, so I figure out dinner and get it made, another win.

After dinner I am done and head up to bed and hope that I can fall asleep quickly so I have a chance of getting a decent night sleep. On a good night I can be asleep in 30 min, on a bad night 2-3 hours if I even fall asleep. To me drifting in and out does not count. If I am successful in falling asleep I will probably wake up a few times over night and then all too soon my alarm goes off and it is time to start the whole adventure again.

What was/is the most challenging thing you have faced with disease?

Acceptance and understanding from others. I don’t expect them to understand and honestly I would not want anyone to understand because the only way to understand is if you live through it.

Do you find that you can keep up with others?

I feel like I can’t, but some days if I everything goes well I think I can

What would you tell others living with your disease?

Keep your chin up. You are not alone. You can do this!! Don’t compare yourself with anyone, no 2 people have the same journey.

What would you like to tell others that don’t live with chronic disease?

Please be patient and realize that I did not ask for this and I would wish it on no one. It is hard enough dealing with the hand I was dealt without your opinions and judgment to make it harder.

What have you learnt on your journey?

Each day is a fresh start to learn from yesterday and prepare for tomorrow. I have also learnt how precious the good days are and to enjoy every moment.

Is there anything you would like to add about your journey?

My family and friends that are there for me on this journey make such a huge difference!!!! Just by accepting me as I am provides me so much support and I cannot put into words how grateful I am for them.

Thank you for sharing your story with me and the world. You are an amazingly tough woman. Proud of you for sharing your stroy. Hopeful for you always.



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