Low Histamine Pancreatitis Diet Recipe

img_3809This blog post is dedicated to all of those living with mast cell disease and Pancreatitis/pancreatic insufficiency. Now if you read this recipe and you don’t have these diseases you may find this very bland. That is the point. Living with pancreatitis when in a flare having a bland diet is important.

What you will need

One cup of dried pinto and navy beans (1/2 cup of each)

1/4 of an onion mince

3-4 mince cloves of garlic

1 butternut squash

Pinch of salt

The way I cooked dried beans is I take them and soak them in water. Measure out 1 cup of the Pinto and navy beans. Then rinse them in Coldwater, drain this water. Then cover the beans in 3 cups of water,  you can then leave the beans in a pot for one hour to soak.

When the beans have soaked for an hour drain the water from them. Add 3 cups of  fresh water to the beans in pot and put of the stove, bring this to a boil. Once they have reached a boil then off and let them simmer for 1 hour.

Remove butternuts outer shell. Cut butternut squash and cube. Mince garlic and onion. Add 3 cups of water to a large pot dump in the butter not squash garlic and onion. Bring to a boil, then let simmer. Check squash periodically to see if tender, when the squash is tender enough use a potato masher to mash the squash in the pot.

After the beans have soaked for an hour you can drain them and add them to your squash. Let stand 5 minutes before eating.

Wishing you all happiness, health, and hope always.



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