Kendra’s Story And How You Can Help!


Hi my name is Anna I am here to tell you about a wonderful friend of mine, she needs your help she suffers from a rare disease, one that needs surgery to save her life.

Kendra has Eagles Syndrome. It causes reccurent pain of the jaw, threat and tongue. Pain is triggered by swallowing the styloid is affected (styloid serves as a connection for muscles into a part of the bone in a skull). In Eagles Syndrome it causes the styloid to become longer than it should be thus resulting in pain. Usually corrective surgery should be done.

I have known Kendra for some time, she has digressed greatly in the time I have known her. She battles various health issues and has needed help for a long time. I am hopeful for her, but hope doesn’t pay the surgery fee which is a large lump sum is needed.

Kendra Scarrow has eagles syndrome. Let’s aim to help save this ladies life by getting her the surgery she needs. I will be collecting bottles for the month of February.

Kendra’s condition has forced her to live with her elderly parents who are now her caregivers. Her parents are exhausted, physically, financially and emotionally .

She is currently disabled and bedridden due to her Eagles Syndrome. She also has brainstem and spinal compression that also needs to be taken care of. She desperately needs help to get a life saving surgery.

The catch is the surgery costs anywhere from $20000-$30000 and she can’t get it in Canada. She needs to get to the USA and the surgery is needed. All proceeds go directly to helping Kendra reach her goal.

Every little bit counts! If everyone chips in a little we can help to make a difference in this lovely ladies life.

I remain hopeful, thank you for your time!

Please find information on Eagles Syndrome here

Learn about Eagles Syndrome here,

You can donate directly to Kendra’s gofundme right here.


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