Pancreatitis, Jaundice, an IUD

img_3936Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas. This can be caused by various diseases, as well as alcoholism and excessive drug use.

What is pancreatitis learn more here

Pancreatitis is a serious disease. It can lead to failure of the heart, lungs and kidneys. It is important to get treatment should you be experiencing symptoms.

I thought at first the pancreatitis was something I would get once and that would be the end of it. However that was not the case as I ended up in the hospital with it again. This time I am again jaundice and suffering from another pancreatitis flare.

When I think about when I first had pancreatitis it was a similar pain, a pain that has been compared to childbirth. The doctors couldn’t find the cause. Thankfully my liver doesn’t appear damaged, nor do my kidneys and doctors remain stumped.

The pain returned shortly there after and landed me in the ER again this past week. Now seven days and seven pounds gone I begin to research the IUD I have to see if it could have attributed to my problems. The IUD can cause: strokes, Jaundice, pelvic inflammatory disease, sometimes pancreatitis and many other major health issues. None of which were brought to my attention before I got one.

**Important to know if you or a loved one has had a stroke, DO NOT USE PROGESTERONE OR ESTROGEN!** -this was told to me by a doctor. Thus it’s removal happened the same day.

If I would have known the IUD would have caused me such problems, I never would have gotten it. Due to the pain I was having I got the IUD removed.

Also through research I discovered others with MCAS/MCAD had similar problems with an histamine channel blocker called Ranitidine. Some where allergic to it, and in rare cases this medication can cause acute pancreatitis. I talked to my doctor and promptly stopped this medication.

Please do your own research before doing anything medicinal to yourself. There are sometimes more risks than benefits. IUD mirena is not something I would recommend to someone living with EDS, POTS, and MCAS, because it caused me so many problems. Ranitidine is my enemy at this point and I will not be taking that histamine channel blocker again.

After six months of pains on and off the doctor suggested this could be a chronic issue. The pain is not leaving and hurts a fair amount daily. Food hurts to eat. It hurts to go to the washroom. The pain is so unbearable it usually leads one to the ER.

**Pancreatitis is serious, if you are having upper right quadrant  pains of any sort please go to the ER, self diagnosis is the worst. Doctors know what to do and how to help.***

I am not to eat until the pain is gone because it means it is not healing if there is still pain. The punches to the gut have let up but my pancreas is for sure angry.

Remember it is important to rest your pancreas to avoid complications. Pancreatitis is serious it is important to listen to your doctor if you are a drinker, smoker or drug user it is important to stop these things. Extensive damage to the pancreas can result in chronic pancreatitis.

I live with multiple diseases, disorders, and syndromes. I can tell you from experience it is imperative you do your homework and listen to your doctor.

You aren’t alone.

You can do this!

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Thank you for visiting my blog.

Hopeful always.



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