Gratitude Attitude

img_3991It’s true practising gratitude is an attitude. Each day I give thanks for what I do have. Instead of focussing on what I do not have.

It is true if people in general just talked more about what they were grateful for, the world itself would seem to change and glow in a glorious white light. Yet there seems to be this looming dark cloud that following many around. This is evident on social media in addition to people’s self talk.

If you check a Facebook status, Instagram or Twitter many have a similar theme.  People expressing their frustrations with the world, their discussed with other human beings, everything bad that happened in their day. This is not always the case there are gratitude believers out there and people practicing being grateful daily. However, it seems to be overwhelmed with this negativity that seem to drift around on social media. We are all guilty of it we have all posted something negative.

I search through all the posts to find gratitude attitude post. Post that have a similar theme, being grateful for life.  You may hear it all the time, ” there’s always something to be grateful for,” and sometimes those really happy people are super positive about anything yes they can get on our nerves. But why?

The fact is there is truly something in each day to be thankful, or grateful for. Whether this thing is smaller large that is up to you. I know for myself personally daily I am thankful and grateful for a roof over my head, clean water to drink, food on my table, clothes on my back, a warm bed to sleep in at night, cuddly cats, people that love me, respect me, and value me, and my opinion.  Some of these things to my name would seem like just ordinary things, yet why not be grateful for the fact that these ordinary things that are available to everyone in the world are a blessing.

Do you have a grateful attitude sometimes takes work. This means telling yourself that every day you need to be grateful for something. Being grateful in general is a good thing. Life itself is simply a gift and for that matter I am blessed with life. I know that my journey is different than others.  I live with multiple diseases that are rare and complex and yet there is always something to be grateful for. I am even grateful for the pain that I have, because without the pain  perhaps I would be a different person.

Life  does not have to be a negative experience, things do you happen to ask yes. Whether these things are evil for other people or illness.  Try not to harbour hate towards others. Learning to forgive other people for the wrong as they have done us takes time. Holding a grudge only hurts you, don’t be bitter, become a better person.  Remember forgiving is for you, because a grudge only hurt you,  forgiving and forgetting; forgiving is letting go and realizing that you can’t change the past.

Today I am grateful for the people that forgave me, I forgive those who have wronged me, who have hurt me,  and those who left me when I really needed them. I forgive for me.

Wishing you all the best my fellow disease warriors.

You are not alone.

Hopeful and grateful always.



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