Positive Self Talk

img_4151How to change your thinking from negative to positive.

How do we stop the negative thought process. It may sound simple it all starts with you. If you are defeatist the minute you were told that you didn’t achieve the goal that you wanted to or when the prize that you had set your eyes on. Maybe you got rejected for something like a job interview it’s the first thing that comes to your mind is, “I suck. I am no good. No one will hire me.” We essentially let these kind of thoughts bring us back into a downward spiral where we only think of the negative.

First and foremost the way I think about my life now is completely different from how I used to think about my life. I used to be a person that was negative I did not think things would get better. And then when I had the epiphany of it all starts with me I realized I would shape my own future. I started by telling myself every single day that I am a beautiful person I deserve to be respected I deserve to be treated like I am a human being.

I realized for a time when  I would mess something up, I would immediately call myself “stupid.” After a while of hearing this I eventually felt worse about myself. It’s a fact that we listen to our own self talk and if our self talk is negative we lower our own self-esteem.

Once I realized what I was doing to myself “self-sabotaging, negative self talk.” I made an effort to practice “positive self talk .” I started this by walking to the mirror in the morning and complimenting myself. “You are a woman of value, you, have, great worth, you are important, loved, special, and worthy of respect.” The first while I laughed at myself, eventually it became a routine and the words just rolled off my tongue.

Now if I accidentally break a dish because I can’t hold it I shrugged it off, I don’t resort back to calling myself “stupid.”

Do you practice positive self talk? Remember whatever you say about yourself you are listening to your words and you will believe them whether those words are positive or negative is up to you.

It is import to do things for yourself. Whether this is going for a walk, or going on a trip. Doing things in life to pamper yourself will make you feel good. Finding happiness in life whether it is what we do for work or what we do for recreation can make or break your mentality.

This is your journey. What would you like to do with your time to relieve your stress to help bring you back to a more centred, levelheaded you.

What is it what is the activity that you like to do. When is the last time you did this activity? Why do you not do this activity more often?

Do you have a bucket-list? What is stopping you from doing that?

Stop holding yourself back because you will be the person that regrets not doing something for you. Do it before it was too late.

If no one believes in you would you still believe in yourself? I believe in me. This is all that matters. I believe I will continue to push myself forward. I’m not going to look backwards, I’m not going to fall back into old habits. Positive self talk, and encouragement all the way.

I have thoughts, I have ideas, I know I’m important, not only to myself but to others. I’m happy. I love life. My positive mentality will be intact, my heart will not feel heavy.

I remain hopeful always.



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