Poem “Sick” By Steph May Heads


A big welcome to Stephanie May Heads a guest blogger. You can check out her page here https://annawerrunblog.wordpress.com/steph-may-heads-blog-page/

“Sick” By Stephanie May Heads

I’m Sick of them not hearing me
Sick of not being heard
I’m Sick of being lied to
By these jokers, they’re absurd!

I’m Sick of being sickly
Sick of feeling ill
I’m Sick of not being able,
Taking yet another pill!

I’m sick of trying to prove myself sick of explaining again!
I’m sick of being patronized
Telling me it’s in my brain!

They can see what lies in front of them
They can read what lies behind
They can bend me, twist me, see the proof,
Don’t say it’s in my mind!

I’m Sick of all these tablets
Reading lies in every letter
Grow a pair and help me
At least try to make me better!

I’ve followed your “advice”
I’ve swallowed every increased dose
I’ve done everything you’ve told me
Yet I just keep getting worse

Why do the ones that suffer
Get ignored, dismissed again?
Why are we made to feel like
We are troubled and insane?

Stop ignoring us and listen
Stop and think! It could be you!
Have you ever just considered
That our suffering is true?

Chronic illness isn’t fantasy
Pain of any kind is hell
Listen to us now please
We have stories we need to tell!

We’ll keep fighting til you hear us
We won’t ever stop
Until one day it’s too late
And our bodies make us stop

Not all doctors are alike
Not all surgeons are the same
But every Doctor I have seen
Finds something else to blame

So open your eyes and see me
Then listen carefully
Maybe then you’ll hear my truths
Maybe then you might help me?


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