Poem “Tired Stripes” By Steph May Heads

img_4263Stephanie May Heads a guest blogger brings you another one of her fantastically written poems. You can check out her page and bio here https://annawerrunblog.wordpress.com/steph-may-heads-blog-page/

“Tired Stripes” By Stephanie May Heads

Tramadol, morphine
Naproxen too,
None of it works
So what do I do ?

Keep your chin up they say
I would if I could
Can’t lift my head up
Can’t do wot I would

Never any balance
Never any peace
Please give me a break
From the pain at least?

Bendy joints
Cancelling plans
Sickening pain
Only zebras understand

Constant exhaustion
Ruins my days
I’m trying to adjust
To my stripey ways

Some days are better
Some days are worse
As I keep fighting
This miserable curse

I want to get down
And play with my boys
I hate this illness
And what it destroys

I keep having a laugh
And wearing a smile
But today I’ve had enough
So I’ll be honest for a while

Eds sucks, it’s nasty
And it’s cruel.
It tries to take everything
If you let it, it will rule.

So give it the finger
Stay strong zebra friends
Cuz tomorrow I’ll be fighting again
Tomorrow I’ll make amends.

But just for today
I’ll be sad and be pained
The pain has me beaten
And in bed I remain

This too shall pass
And it won’t be as bad
I’ll lift my head again
I won’t look as sad

Chronic illness is hard
Whatever its type
It isn’t fair
It isn’t right

So lets stick together
Zebras, butterflies alike
Maybe one day there’ll be a cure
And it will be alright.

Keep fighting it hard
Have a moan if you must
We might have EDS
But it doesn’t have us!

Love to my zebras
And to all those who need it
Mental, physical illness
I know we can beat it!

Stay strong and keep fighting ❤


One thought on “Poem “Tired Stripes” By Steph May Heads

  1. Hi Steph it’s Ian from FB I’m sorry we can’t talk anymore. I wanted you to know you will always be in my heart and have a light on for you in my heart. I would dearly love to talk to you again even if it was just to say goodbye. I have no idea what you thought of me but our conversation was one that would go on between people who had known each other for some time. I really miss you as crazy as that is. If I don’t here from you then I wish you all the luck,love and best of health for you. If you need me let me know you can find me if wish. For now take care and all my love. Ian Stewart Brown.


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