Ghosted A Poem By Anna Werrun

I have been ghosted.

You use to message me,
Check up on me,
Wanted to hang out.

Gradually you pulled away,
I see the signs now looking back.
You ghosted me,
You left my life.

The calls, messages and interactions came to a Halt.

Did you die?

No just our friendship died…
But when we were close,
I never thought you of all people would ghost me.

It took me years to figure out the problem wasn’t me.
My illness makes people change.
This is a sad but true fact.

Some people can’t handle the illness,
It reminds them of mortality.
Others don’t want to see us decline,
And some people can not handle it.

It takes time to heal,
To get over the sting of a
Friend, a family member, or a spouse leaving us. Throwing us out like garbage. As though they are saying without words, “you are defective, I have no use for you anymore.”

People leave,
This is a fact.

I am here to tell you,
I will not leave.
I will stay.
I will do my best to be there for you in every way.

A true friend will stick with you through thick and thin. If someone leaves you due to your illness, you are not to blame.

Sickness and illness are not things everyone can cope with.

Ghosting is cruel.

My heart breaks,


And shatters from the stories I have heard. And the ghosting I have experienced.

The ghosted are hurt.

To those of you whom have ghosted others, put yourself in the sick persons shoes for a day.

Seriously think, if you were sick would you want those near and dear to you to give up on you and leave you?

Did you think for even a minute about anyone but yourself?

How harsh life can be, when you turn your back on those you love.

The hurt that I feel, I know others feel too…

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