Chronic Sitting Shoes

#chornicsittingshoes is a hashtag I created in hopes of inspiring others to come and join me on a little journey with shoes.

I love high heel shoes. Love them, due to dislocating ankles and other large joints wearing them can be more than challenging. I feel better when wearing high heels. As though I am getting dolled up to go out somewhere. Recently I was in the hospital again due to complications associated with my mast cell disease, in addition to my POTS and EDS.

It is a simple little pick me up to crawl to the closet open the door and look at my shoes. Now some shoes haven’t ever been worn outside because I am after all chronically ill and sometimes I can’t get to events to wear them.

This is why I thought of creating this hashtag #chronicsittingshoes we don’t need to give up something simple like shoes. We may not be going to prom, we may not make it to graduation, so why not enjoy your shoes in the comfort of your own home.

After I have stared at my shoes and missed wearing them for a long time I thought, “why not just sit around in them…” That is exactly what I started to do. I would grab a pair and put them on while I am in bed. For me my chronic sitting shoes are nothing to be ashamed of, they are a simple joy in my life and I will not deny myself this simple pleasure.

Join me on social media to bring awareness for rare, complex, and invisible diseases. Please use the hash tag #chronicsittingshoes when you are sharing a photo of your sitting shoes.

I remain hopeful always.

There is always something to be grateful for, there is always something good in each day.


Want to share your story? Please contact me and you can be interviewed for my blog. Here some of the interviews I have done.

I am not my diseases. I am a survivor, a rare disease fighter and I live with invisible illness. My YouTube channel is about me and my journey and how disease tries to rule my life.

Find me on twitter @annawerrun, on instagram @annaweds, and on Facebook

The EDS support page for Victoria that I created after being diagnosed can be found here

You can also find me on Facebook in these groups.
Living undiagnosed? Need a community of people going through a similar journey? Check the group here

Did you have thyroid cancer and have a radical neck dissection? Want to meet others facing a similar journey?

Live on Vancouver island and had thyroid cancer? Check out the thyroid cancer group for Vancouver island

Live in Calgary and had thyroid cancer? Check out the thyroid cancer group for Calgary

Live with EDS and are in the Calgary area? Looking to meet others living with EDS?

Living with chilblains aka perniosis? There is a group for you!

It’s important to know you are not alone. There is support here and you are welcome to join groups and know you can share your journey.
Anna Werrun


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