Undiagnosed A Poem By Anna Werrun

This short poem is dedicated all of those living undiagnosed, into struggle living undiagnosed for many years. There is hope at finding the answers. There is hope things can change. Don’t give up.

To all of those living undiagnosed and feeling that feeling that you are alone. You are Not alone. This looks movie looks amazing. https://www.undiagnosedfilm.com #undiagnosedfilm

If you need a community of people going through something similar please join the group on Facebook, it is a safe place to share your journey! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1811142799206420/?ref=ts&fref=ts

A poem by Anna Werrun

Name striken from my records
Labeled as something else

No diagnosis
No doctor to help
Only confusion.

Searching for answers in this answer driven world.

No answers .

Left abandoned
To fend for myself
To fight for me right.

No resources
Being told I’m loosing my mind.
Am I loosing my mind!?
Is all this in my head?

As soon as I think it’s all in my head
throbbing pain circles and envelopes me.

It’s not a dream,
I am not insane.

I am sick.
I need help.

“How can I treat you if I don’t know what’s wrong with you. ”

Evolving into things I don’t understand,
People change into creatures I do not recognize.

Fog of tears,
Please help me.

Please be aware of those living undiagnosed.

Do not give up,
Hold onto hope.
You do not need to do this journey alone.
There are many like you search for answers.

Grip onto hope,
Never let go,
Keep on hoping,
Hope will carry you through.

Be your own advocate,
Do not give up on you.

I can do this,
I wil do this.
I am strong enough to make it through.
Hopeful for you.


3 thoughts on “Undiagnosed A Poem By Anna Werrun

  1. Brilliant Anna and not just the poem the fact that you write it at all. All the best and hope to all of you guys who suffer. Take care Hun all the best.


    • Thank you. I went through a lot being undiagnosed, I know others are struggling with the same fight and I don’t want them to be alone. No one should ever feel alone. Take care of yourself to. How are you holding up?


  2. I’m doing ok getting through P.T.S.D and Cancer free at the moment. Lot of pills for this and that but I’ll get there thank you for asking. Sorry to ask but if your in contact with Steph tell her I hope she is well and I miss her everyday. You take care and keep on keeping on.

    Ian x


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