A Day Off By Stephanie Heads


A Day Off
By Stephanie Heads

I want to sit and read my book
I want to escape the pain
I need to be left alone for a while
To sit and go insane

I can’t face the fight today
And tomorrow will be the same
I’m anxious and exhausted
I’ve got several demons to blame

I haven’t slept for ages
I drift in and out of dreams
I’m fighting but getting nowhere
Or at least, that’s how it seems

I’ve taken all my tablets
I’ve breathed deeply, in and out
But I’d rather go real crazy
Be loud! And scream and shout!

Time to bend and break a bit
I can’t always plod on through
I’m an angry, anxious zebra
Got to do what I need to do

No, I don’t wanna talk about it
Don’t wanna be prodded and bent!
Don’t wanna deal with EDS today
A flexible demon I really resent

So I’m not gunna face it today
Gunna ignore it tomorrow too!
Zebras need a break sometimes
A quiet day off or two

I don’t want sympathy or “oh poor you’s”
Just some understanding when I do what I do.
Just get it when I sit and cry
Or when I lash out at the pain
I get tired of going through this
Every day and over again!

Just give me a chance to get my shit together
And to get my head screwed on
I’ll be back before you know it
Standing, smiling, zebra strong!

I can’t always be a brave gal
I can’t always push and fight
Sometimes I need to hide away
To rest and put things right

So please be patient and aware of things
I’m doing my very best
Don’t worry that I’m giving up
I’m just chilling and having a rest

And if you see another struggling
Looking tired, slow and sad
Be patient and be kind to them
They might feel really bad

One day you might feel awful
And need a helping hand
I’ll offer you my spoons to share
And I’ll get it, I’ll understand.

We all get worn out sometimes
Sometimes we’ve had enough
We can stop and rest but we must never give up
Coz we’re made of stronger stuff!


Check out Stephanie’s other poems and blog posts on her page here https://annawerrunblog.wordpress.com/steph-may-heads-blog-page/



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