Awareness Comics And Memes!

IMG_4642IMG_3812IMG_3813IMG_3814IMG_4680img_3964img_3983img_4151The following comics are all made some apps I have, I love that I can talk into my app and it can write these words for me. These are some awareness comics I have made over. Please if you share any on social media please tag me @annawerrun on twitter, @annawerrun2 on Facebook, @annaweds on Instagram.

Lets help grow awareness of these diseases. I remain hopeful always. Don’t forget to find me on YouTube

You can also check out my awareness videos here





You can also find some slideshows of mine on Facebook! Sometimes photos and videos can help us learn what others face. Hope you find them educational be advised that some images maybe disturbing as it’s real like illness… this is my reality. Here is a link…