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All of my previous blog posts on one page for your reading pleasure. Please enjoy, please be respectful of me and my journey.

A poem about being undiagnosed.

A poem called “Never Break.”

Chronic sitting shoes #chronicsittingshoes a blog post about why these shoes are important for me.

Mast disease cell and Me is a look from my perspective about how mast cell disease affects me.

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia and Me

“Ghosted” a poem by Anna Werrun

The Bucket List Project Haunted Tour Calgary and Banff.

You are sick after all… blog post. I shouldn’t have to justify my good days.

Rare disease day a blog post about the rare disease awareness slideshows on YouTube.

Positive self talk and why it’s important.

Gratitude attitude!

Online support group bullying

Living with pancreatitis, jaundice, and why I think IUD’s are no good.

Why it’s important to carry your diagnosis with you when living with multiple diseases.

Shine light on rare and complex disease.

Low Histamine Pancreatits diet recipe

“Pieces Of My Broken Soul” a poem by Anna Werrun

Reality and coping with disease.

The five stages of grief.

Me and mast cell disease

I apologize I am honest, this is my problem with the word complain.

The bucket list project the smash cake.

Low histamine Anna’s boost shake and iron boost shake.

Bucket lit project planting Bruce the spruce.

Bucket list low histamine bake.

Bucket list low histamine cook number 4

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome looks like this…

Bucket list low histamine cook 3.

Bucket list low histamine cook 2.

Bucket list low histamine cook.

Low histamine bake 2.

Bucket list the low histamine bake.

The loss you face.

The fair system isn’t so fair.

Who am I? I am a fighter!